Rise at the 2021 LMA Annual Conference

To meet the needs of today's legal marketer, the 2021 LMA Annual Conference has evolved in ways like never before. You can rise up to your next professional opportunity with this year's Adaptive Agenda that is packed with the educational content that matters most to you.

Introducing the Adaptive Agenda

The way we worked has changed. We've adapted, accelerated and became more agile for the betterment of our organizations.

With LMA's Adaptive Agenda, you will have the flexibility and power to mold your 2021 LMA Annual Conference experience to exactly what you need it to be — including opportunities to help you rise up to your next professional opportunity through education, experiences that help you refocus on your own well-being and the well-being others by giving back, and ever-important opportunities to reconnect with colleagues, partners, providers and friends after a long period of not being in person.

Dive Deep Into an Area of Interest With a Pre-Conference Program

Push your professional development further by taking advantage of one of the pre-conference programs:

Be a Dot Connector

Improving client experiences using your unique visibility into the interconnections between people, processes and procedures and how to leverage that knowledge

CMO Summit: Walking in Their Shoes — What Has Changed?

How experiencing law firms from the client’s perspective impacts business development strategy

Harnessing the Power of PR

Defining priorities and telling clients’ stories in an unpredictable and pandemic-recovering landscape

Rise of the Legal Marketing Technologist

Data analytics: Leveraging data to make informed marketing and business decisions