Dive Deep Into an Area of Interest With a Focused Cohort

We are offering four pre-conference programs as part of the 2021 LMA Annual Conference — covering topics from data analytics to improving the client experience journey and more. Explore these offerings, which are now open for registration.


Be a Dot Connector


Improving client experiences using your unique visibility into the interconnections between people, processes and procedures and how to leverage that knowledge

  • Hosted by the Solo/Small Team SIG, in collaboration with the Plaintiff Firm SIG
  • In person at The Diplomat, Hollywood, Florida
  • October 22 | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. ET
  • $595 members | $695 non-members

Program Description:

  • Clients are essential to your firm (and why you have a job) but often the key interactions that they have along their journey with your organization are haphazard at best. Having a clear understanding of a client’s experience with your firm along each touchpoint in their journey can be the differentiator that you are seeking. And guess what? You have a superpower that you may not even be aware of yet. You are a dot connector. One of your greatest assets to the firm is that you are central to many of the interactions, both external and internal, and thus have great knowledge about the interconnections between people, processes, and procedures and how each of these can be improved and enhanced.
  • The interactive Solo/Small Team Pre-Conference will be a time to learn from industry experts, share best practices with peers, work through scenarios that we have all faced at one time or another and crowdsource solutions to those issues.
  • Thinking about the client journey from the moment that the client first hears about your firm to when their matter/litigation ends, we will set the stage for you to begin to improve each interaction through learning best practices and guidance from experts as well as your peers.

Main themes:

Touchpoint 1: Digital Marketing

Touchpoint 2: Client Onboarding

Touchpoint 3: Operations

Touchpoint 4: Turning Clients Into Raving Fans

Each touchpoint theme will be led by an expert who will offer best practices within and outside of the industry. Attendees will be given ample time between each presentation to discuss their own issues/insights/actions in a smaller group setting. During this time, participants will learn from one another and offer feedback to their peers.

As a dot connector, you are to be celebrated. Your knowledge of the firm, its clients, its people, and the resources that you have are important and understanding how to leverage this knowledge to connect the dots is key to long-term success.

CMO Summit: Walking in Their Shoes – What Has Changed?

How experiencing law firms from the client’s perspective impacts business development strategy

  • Hosted by the CMO/Senior Marketer SIG
  • In person at The Diplomat, Hollywood, Florida
  • October 22 | 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. ET, plus an invite-only reception
  • $695 members | $795 non-members

Program Description:

Now more than ever, law firms of any size need to build and maintain a portfolio of satisfied clients. Due to business disruption and changes COVID-19 brought to the world economy, clients are pulling more work in-house, being asked to do more with less budget and are using data to compare the spend of their outside law firms.

With this in mind, it is imperative that we as legal marketers help our firms understand the best way to differentiate themselves in the market. This year’s CMO pre-con will ask for collaboration amongst you as colleagues to come to the table to discuss successful ways you have triumphed through COVID-19 and also allow you time to debate unique initiatives you may be considering as we continue to find our “new” path. Revenues remain steady for most law firms, but demand for our team’s services has increased. Can we keep up with the demand as things begin to level in the distant future or will we need to call upon stronger technology solutions, deeper use of consultants, and newer ways of delivering services? What does transformation look like for you as a firm and for your clients?

Join us as we discuss and debate the future of business development through the eyes of the client and the experience they may have with your firm as they continue to navigate the effects of COVID-19 on their business. We hope you will attend to engage in our tabletop discussions as well as learn from our Managing Partner panel and other outside experts.

Registration for the CMO Summit is available exclusively to full-time in-house CMOs and those in a full-time, first chair marketing and business development role at a law firm. To ensure a broad experience base, only one participant per firm may register. Space is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Harnessing the Power of PR


Defining priorities and telling clients’ stories in an unpredictable and pandemic-recovering landscape

  • Hosted by the PR & Communications SIG
  • In person at The Diplomat, Hollywood, Florida
  • October 22 | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. ET
  • $595 members | $695 non-members

Program Description:

The PR & Communications SIG invites you to join for a valuable half-day pre-con designed to guide and rejuvenate communications professionals of every level facing a new era of PR priorities and challenges. Attendees will have the opportunity to join colleagues from across the nation for a dynamic line-up of programming encompassing media relations, internal communications, crisis communications and branding. Highlights will include a media panel, crisis communications forum, internal communications Q&A, TED Talk-style branding presentation and content strategy panel. As an added hook, for the duration of the pre-con, attendees will follow the story of new lateral litigator hire, Sofia, discovering new ways to capitalize on and maximize law firm announcements and talent.

Rise of the Legal Marketing Technologist

Data Analytics: Leveraging data to make informed marketing and business decisions

  • Hosted by the Marketing Technology SIG
  • Virtual Pre-Conference Program
  • 2-Part Series | October 5 and October 12
  • $495 members | $595 non-members

Program Description:

Marketing and business data analytics enable an organization to manage, evaluate and control its marketing, business development and sales efforts by measuring marketing performance. In short, data analytics optimizes a firm or businesses’ marketing and business development strategies and activities. With the use of marketing technology, organizations are able to improve their return on investment (ROI) by identifying effective marketing methods and adjusting campaigns and business development activities to maximize conversions and sales.

However, if you’re like most firms, many struggle to effectively translate data into insight for marketing, sales and client growth. There’s a few roadblocks marketing technologists may face:

  • “There’s not enough quality data — we need to fix our data infrastructure before we get started on data analytics.”
  • “There’s too much data — what should I focus on?”
  • “How can I turn my data into insights that will actually be actionable for the firm?”

In this session, you’ll learn tested and practical frameworks to turn data into actionable insight in our virtual two-day pre-con, where we’ll hear from industry experts on their real-world experience using data analytics, but also from peers within the industry on the tips and tricks they’ve incorporated within their firm. You’ll be able to practice new ways to review data analytics and walk away with new processes to implement directly in your firm.

A Few Words From the SIG Co-chair:

Learn how to consolidate marketing data from across business and marketing channels into a common view to make informed data driven decisions. Our virtual two afternoon pre-con includes opportunities to learn from each other and actively engage with data to measure marketing ROI."

Helena Lawrence


The pre-conference program descriptions are subject to change. Speaker information will be shared over the coming weeks.